What’s ArtBrick?

Taking Façades to the Next Level

ArtBrick is an advanced resin system that can be used to tint and recreate the hue of traditional brickwork onto proprietary material systems.

The ArtBrick Advantage

It’s a time and cost-effective brick façade solution that can be installed without the requirement for pre-made brick slips or corner brick slips.

Core Features


Our licenced installers are highly skilled at blending our plethora of available colours directly to individual specifier requirements, where a brick slip system may previously have been sought.  Test panels can be provided for approval, if necessary.


Providing any colour or texture, ArtBrick allows limitless aesthetic choice for blending the appearance of projects to their surroundings. It increases the options available to both new-build and refurbishment projects that might otherwise encounter planning issues.


With a proven history, ArtBrick is absorbed by background materials rather than a surface coating and preserves it’s hue for a lifetime.  It is increasingly applied to cement based renders and rain screen cladding systems designed by our approved partners.


What our clients say

As a licenced ArtBrick installer we find we definitely have an edge over our competitors.  Clients are super-satisfied with the quality of our finish and we often find we’re working where others can’t, for example in conservation areas and with clients with budgets that wouldn’t work with any other solution.

Lee Bishop Westdale Services Limited

Committed to Success

Numbers don't lie. Our statistics suggest we're the best at what we do.

  • Customers over the moon with finish
  • Nil supply issues. We can supply materials on mass, at great prices.
  • Massive savings are achieved on average over all alternatives.
  • On the vast majority of façades, ArtBrick as an alternative finish gives a client saving.
Customer satisfaction
Orders delivered on time
Average cost saving over brick slips
Contracts where savings could be offered over traditional finish

How Do I Get It?

I'm a customer, I'd like ArtBrick on my property.

I'm a contractor, I'd like to apply ArtBrick myself.

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Durham County covers has a large geographical area and is full of small, remote villages that do not have mains gas and are ‘hard to treat’ with regards to thermal insulation.  In addition, many of the villages are ex-colliery communities and/or ex-limestone quarry areas with older housing built during the heyday of these industries to […]

ArtBrick number change!

Further details on Artbrick are available through stockist Structherm Limited on 01484 850098 We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused you.

The first ‘stone’ property on a £2.4m contract in Durham.

A unique cost effective alternative to both brick/stone effect render and slips, has recently been used on the first ‘stone’ property on a £2.4m contract in Durham. The accompanying illustrations emphasise what an eye-catching difference Artbrick has made. The building on the left (below) has just been completed, while the building on the right is […]

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