ArtBrick may be a new name, but the product spans around 22 years of development and refinement.

1994 - Rendit Limited

Rendit developed an acrylic system for cementitious render repair. Trade named Mendrend, it was closely matched in colour to background render materials, in a highly viscous form used to infill minor cracks. This allowed further minor movement without detriment and in a low viscous form penetrates the background materials enabling it be used to mask colour and other minor surface variations. Rendit Ltd. is widely used by major EWI Companies, major contractors, system suppliers and manufacturers and Mendrend remains the number one repair material for cementitious render systems today.

2008 - Stockport Fencing Limited

Stockport Fencing, experienced manufacturers of concrete buildings, discovered that by mixing individual base colours of Mendrend together they could achieve a close match on their concrete structure to adjoining brick buildings. Further to this they evolved application techniques that enabled multi stock reproduction and subtle shade variation to finished buildings that made their concrete structures indistinguishable from surroundings.

2009 - Westdale Services Limited

Westdale are one of the UK’s largest and best established EWI contractors. They developed a low viscosity resin material to overcome efflorescence issues on what was possibly the largest brick render contract ever undertaken, on 2021 properties in Liverpool. The resin application not only removed efflorescence but also served to stabilise colour day variations and improve the hue of brick render to closely match that of clay baked materials.

2009 to 2016 - ArtBrick

To date, ArtBrick has been used on over 5,000 efflorescence free properties to authentically reproduce the appearance, shading and hue of real brickwork. It has helped Westdale Services to become the most awarded EWI Company in the country, with 15 major awards. ArtBrick is currently only available through three licensees, who are the Companies who were involved in the evolution of the product and process and who we are confident will continue the high standards of the product and process. In the future further licensees will be taken on board but only after extensive vetting, training of individuals and assurance that licensees will maintain not only existing standards of product application but also retain the commitment of 100% customer satisfaction. To maintain standards, ongoing monitoring of any new licensee will take place to ensure compliance.

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